Elders and Trustees


The Board of Elders

The board of elders is recognized as the senior board for church governance. It shall have general supervisory and administrative responsibility for the operations of the church. The elders shall direct the ministry of the church through each of its ministry teams, and shall hold the authority for the spiritual guidance of the church.



The Board of Trustees

The board of trustees manages the business of the church. It shall have in its care the physical assets of the church, real or moveable. The maintenance, acquisition and disposition of physical assets of the church shall be the board's responsibility under the general direction of the board of elders. The trustees shall manage every aspect of the financial and legal affairs of the church, proposing and administering the budget, entering into all contracts, and responsible for accounting and audit practices.



Aylmer Given III (1/2019)


Caleb Baker (1/2020)

Mike Clayton (1/2019)

Donald Gregory (1/2019)

Jim Forest (1/2021)

Garrett Craven (1/2021)